When we ask folks what is the most unique thing about a Group Greets we always hear – It plays like a movie!  Yes, that’s true.  To enjoy/view a Group Greet you must ‘play’ it and along with that, of course, you can then pause, resume or stop.

If you know how to watch a YouTube you know how to watch and enjoy a Group Greet.  But there is more, unlike a YouTube you can interact (double-click) on any object to view it in a standalone/manual mode.  OR if you don’t like what you are watching, simply choose another playback and enjoy the Group Greet your way.

Unlike a YouTube, a Group Greet is always different.  This is especially true if folks keep adding new content.

So with a Group Greet you not only get to play it like a movie, you are directly involved in creating it.  It never gets old.  It couldn’t be easier.

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