We’ve updated Group Greets with 3 new effects and capabilities.  We hope this greatly improves your enjoyment and for those who receive the Group Greet.

  1. Transitions
    When transitioning from one image to another the images will fade out and then fade in.  The timing of this is automatically determined by the platform based on the other content present in the Group Greet.  This creates a much smoother experience.
  2. Effects
    When an image is played in a slideshow manner, that is full screen, all by itself, an effect called Ken Burns has been added.  This effect crops and zooms through the photo to give the impression of movement.  The timing of this effect is automatically determined by the platform.
  3. Animations
    Animated GIFs will now play when added to a Group Greet.

We trust you will enjoy this enhancements.  We have many more in the pipeline.

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