Administrator Dashboard

Group Greets is proud to present a new ADD-ON, the Administrator Dashboard. Many of you have requested a couple of the features that come with this Dashboard:

  1. The ability to restrict participants from deleting
  2. Gain an overview of all objects added and monitor new contributions

The Administrator Dashboard does both of these things. Now you and you alone are able to delete content. Of course, this means that if a participant wishes something deleted they will need to contact you to get this done.

The Dashboard shows the most recent content first so you can quickly ascertain what has been added. You can also filter content by media type by selecting the appropriate audio, image, text or video icon.

You can play any individual content simply by double-clicking it. Or if you’d like to play all of that content, simply click the play button.

Lastly you also have the ability to ADD or CREATE new content as well.

This new powerful dashboard brings a whole new dimension to creating and managing a Group Greet. We hope it further enables the creation of truly meaningful, memorable, multimedia we-cards. Or simply, a Group Greet.

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