custom name for ecard

Group Greets are named using our proprietary syntax. They get the job done, but we do have to admit they may not be easy to remember. Likely worse, the URL doesn’t identify for whom this Group Greet has been created.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could personalize the Group Greet URL? Well now you can with our new Add-On: Custom Name

The beginning of the URL remains the same, but you get to add whatever follows the slash. (eg.

To follow best practice you’d want to keep it short. A good choice for many of our Group Greets would be a first name. Remember that URLs are case sensitive and if folks are entering them on their mobile devices it is a lot easier if there are no upper case, spaces, numeric or alternate characters. If you do want spaces, use a hyphen or underscore instead. It keeps the internet gods happy.

But now you know all the rules. Add that extra personal touch and give your Group Greet the unique name it deserves.

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