Life is full of distractions. Often, it is very difficult to focus, to observe, find the nuance, the true meaning. And we’ve been wondering if at this time, in this world, this could be true of a Group Greet.

The true power of a Group Greet is the content the group proffers. Everything else is utility or noise. For a Group Greet this led us to consider:

  1. Hiding Play and Editing Controls until required
  2. Eliminating the wallpaper

And thus was born ‘Ultimate Black’. A new any occasion solution. To better aid understanding the differences, here are the playbacks of a Happy Birthday. One is our classic Happy Birthday and the other as an ‘Ultimate Black’. Both with the same content, however we have removed audio given both are playing at the same time.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you, but we hope you’ll enjoy this new option.

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