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NEW: Virtual Sing-Along (V-Sing)

Group Greets is proud to introduce our latest Add-On – the Virtual Sing-Along or V-Sing for short.

If you cannot get together to sing together or Livestream (e.g. to sing Happy Birthday), why not asynchronously sing together with Group Greets.

singalong ecard, singing ecard, Group Greets Virtual Sing-Along

Up to nine people at once can be singing, but you can have 100’s of singers if you’d like. Each time one finishes a next one begins. Each time you play a VSing it will be a new mix along with the additions of any new contributions

Of course the obvious occasion for this is Birthdays or for the Holidays “We wish you a Merry Christmas”. But it doesn’t have to be sung, it could just be spoken, like “Welcome”, “Get Well”, “Thank you”, etc. There are no words to describe the video/audio impact of many faces and voices expressing a sentiment that overwhelms and thrills.

The unique aspect of VSing is that people can do their part whenever they want and Group Greets will pull it all together.

So how does it all work? When you order the add-on for VSing you will be given a unique URL to submit your singing. Also a new Playlist will be added to your Group Greets. As with any object in a Group Greet, you can always double-click to experience that object alone and more.

We’re all in this together. La-La-La-Let’s sing about it!

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