Choose what’s right for you. Group Greets offers several options – from our Free Card-of-the-Month (free ecard) to annual subscriptions saving you time and money. Every group card from Group Greets offers:

  • Add photos, videos, text, GIFs and audio
  • Unlimited participants
  • Unlimited number of media objects
  • Unlimited length
  • A variety of multimedia playbacks built-in
  • Artificial Intelligence does all the work
  • No logins. No downloads. | Private + secure!
  • The only multimedia card-like of its kind



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Add-ons and extras for Group Greets

While artificial intelligence automatically does the composing for Group Greets, we also offer a variety of add-ons and extras to personalize and enhance your group card to make the experience even more special and unique.

singalong, group sing-along, singalong greeting card, singalong group card

NEW Add-on!

Virtual Group Sing-Along


A family birthday singalong was the initial inspiration for introducing Group Greets a few years ago. The Virtual Group Sing-Along is a separate playlist that’s added to your group card. Your group creates and uploads their singing videos – Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Auld Lang Syne, whatever – to a separate place. Videos play concurrently just like it did with John’s mother, who’s also a grandmother and great grandmother, who cried happy tears. With her reaction and knowing she could click on any video to view it individually, we knew we were on to something special.

More add-ons below

custom wallpaper, customized ecard, customized greeting card
Custom Wallpaper


Looking to make your group card look more to your liking? Choose the Custom Wallpaper add-on to change the graphic image or pattern displayed behind our unique multimedia platform. You’ll be asked to email us or share the link for your image, photo, pattern or animated GIF during the order process and we’ll “roll it on” to cover the backdrop.

custom soundtrack, group ecard music, greeting card with music
Custom Soundtrack


While your multimedia wishes are the star of your group card, some of you want even more control – like adding your own music or song that plays in the background of the mixes. With Custom Soundtrack, email a favorite song or music that's meaningful to your recipient(s) to us and we’ll add it to all of your playbacks. Plus we'll tweak it so it won’t interfere with the audio in your video and audio wishes.

custom slideshow, slideshow maker, party slideshow, wedding slideshow
Custom Control Slideshow


For those who can't let go and let AI do it all for you – we see you control freaks – custom slideshow maker is just that. You control the order and delete media objects for this special playlist. You’ll receive a private link so only you can access and take control. It’s easy to mix up the order however you like. Intro greeting … photo 34 … video 5 … text wish 12 …

media zip file
Media Zip File


Never lose the precious moments that your group has created with your Group Greet. All media contributed by participants to your Group Greet – images, text, video and audio – are made available to you with a zip file for download.

video keepsake
Video Keepsake


After your Group Greet is delivered, we create a high definition video keepsake for you to download, to share with others and to treasure always. The video keepsake is captured about a week after your Group Greet delivery date.

Group Greets Live, livestream, party livestream, event livestream
Build Your Own Playlist


So not 100% comfy with artificial intelligence doing it all for you? The Build Your Own Playlist (BYOP) add-on is for those who want more control of what your playlist looks like and does. Change the template, wallpaper, soundtrack, and more! BYOP is for those who are more technically inclined and comfortable writing scripts using a text editor. Create as many BYOP playlists as you like!

group greets live, multimedia projector, live multimedia slideshow
GG Live


Doing a big reveal of your Group Greet at a party or event? With GG Live, our platform creates a variety of mixes to play continuously, project or connect to a big screen, and allows guests to add more automatically during the party. GG Live “plays” your original Group Greet but also incorporates any new media on-the-spot as it grows during your event. And it’s hands-free so you can enjoy the party too!

group greeting forver
Keep Online

$4.95 per month

Your Group Greet usually concludes about a week after delivery. Many of you however, have requested you’d like it available for longer since our online platform is what makes it more unique. Now extend the duration allowing your group to continue to enjoy and even add to it.

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When was the last time you took a human timeout to create something meaningful and memorable for someone? ❤

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