Note :

Choose a playback by clicking on "Click to Play " menu below right and select a mix to experience.
Please make sure that your browser settings (Safari and Firefox users) allow "AutoPlay" of video and audio.

Group Greets Example Above

The Group Greets example above features a few wishes from a Birthday Group Greet created for John's sister's birthday. For this occasion, Group Greets added the balloons wallpaper for "birthday". The rest – the opening title wish and all photos, videos, audio, and text wishes – is up to you and invited group participants.


Group Greets has all kinds of playback options. Click where it says "Click to Play" and a dropdown menu appears. Choose any of the various mixes. Experience your Group Greet however you like.

2. Automatic + manual modes

While Group Greets operates in automatic mode, there's also manual mode. Just double-click on any media type during playback. And presto – arrows appear for manually scrolling left or right through the wishes.

3. Click anytime

Pssst, did you know you can click to start a new playback mix from the menu at anytime? Go on, choose another to find the mix that suits you best.

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