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It can be challenging to find the right words to offer support, comfort, and empathy to those experiencing the loss of a loved one. Group Greets is wired for meaningful and backed naturally by positive group psychology. This group greeting we-card is an ideal place for those to offer their deepest sympathy and condolences and to share favorite photos, videos, stories, memories and personal remembrances. Add the GG Live add-on to your purchase and turn any funeral, funeral reception, eulogy, memorial, or life tribute into a group celebration creating a cherished memory forever.

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While Group Greets provides several playback choices and does all of the work for you, we’ve heard from many of you who still want “more.” So we listened and have created several add-ons. Add these extras to make your Group Greet card even more to your liking!

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custom wallpaper, customized ecard, customized greeting card
Custom Splash Image


Splash file requirements = PNG, JPG or GIF formats.
Size = 1151 x 656 px, 72 dpi

custom wallpaper, customized ecard, customized greeting card
Custom Wallpaper


Not available for Free Card-Of-The-Month

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Custom Soundtrack


custom slideshow, slideshow maker, party slideshow, wedding slideshow
Custom Control Slideshow


custom name add-on, Group Greet custom name


Custom Name


We'll email you for your custom name

Group Greets Live, livestream, party livestream, event livestream
Build Your Own Playlist


singalong, group sing-along, singalong greeting card, singalong group card


Virtual Group Sing-Along


group greets live, multimedia projector, live multimedia slideshow
GG Live


media zip file
Media Zip File


video keepsake
Video Keepsake


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Keep Online

$4.95 per month

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