There are many choices out there to create a group card. So what makes a Group Greets different?

  1. It isn’t a card, nor does it try to be one. A lot of alternatives to Group Greets are emulating the physical paper card OR they’re simply another version of a message board with posts. You scroll or page. Always the same order, same content every time.

  2. It isn’t a video. But in truth these other options are not a visual experience like a movie because it is actually just a slideshow delivered and played as a video. You start with or without pausing and watch. Same order, same content every time.

  3. It isn’t baked. All other options focus on a deliverable, the final creation. The recipient has no choice, but to experience it as delivered. With a Group Greets you can watch it whichever way you like.

  4. It’s interactive. Every time you choose a playback the AI constructs it at that instant and it will be different than the last time that same selection was made. If you want you can double-click any object and interact by viewing the content manually in an individual object mode. Or download or share a particular object.

  5. It’s participatory. From the initial moment to the end of the Group Greets life, ALL have the enjoyment and experiences of the Group Greets available to them. Not just the recipient. Even after delivery the Group Greets lives and can continue to change. Particularly helpful since a Group Greet doesn’t have a cutoff date/time for content. Even the recipient can jump into the action.

  6. It’s unlimited. Many ecards limit the number of ‘posts’ you can make, the number of participants or the type of media. Often videos are limited in length as well. Not on Group Greets. In fact, sometimes just playing a Group Greet or its video keepsakes can have the run time of a blockbuster movie. And you may even spend more time if you interact.

So what makes a Group Greets different? It’s like nothing you’ve used, experienced before. Doesn’t your recipient deserve something new?

Group Greets – memorable, meaningful, mutimedia wecards. We’re all in this together, let’s make the most of it!

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