Just imagine. You receive a greeting card in the mail and open it up.  Nothing.  No signature, no words, no content.  How would you feel? Why would someone send you a Greeting Card with no sentiment expressed at all. Empty. Meaningless. Hurtful. Awful.

Okay, so it finally happened, what we expected would happen eventually. We had a Group Greet arrive at the delivery date with No Content. No photo wishes. No video wishes. No text. No anything-to-make-the-day-special. No effort whatsoever. (We still shake our heads as it takes less than 60 seconds to create a meaningful personal wish.)

As a business, what do you do? Send it and make the recipient feel extra bad that a group ISN’T thinking of them on their big day or not send it and deal with the customer and participants who didn’t put any effort into it? We did what we thought any business with a heart would do and chose NOT to send it (it’s also stated in our Terms & Conditions). Afterall, we did our part and provided the software as promised, available for weeks in advance of the send date which is the crazier part from where we sit.

The customer, who shall remain nameless (except for our internal “do-not-sell-to” list), filed a claim with PayPal without approaching us first about the situation and asking if a refund was an option. (I have my own thoughts about the customer but won’t type this in pixels.)

Group Greets is designed to allow people (purchasers and participants) to come together and create content (text, audio, video and images) that express their feelings about this occasion and/or person in a meaningful, and very personal and intimate way. For this reason, when a Group Greet has no content, we’ve changed our policy. We WILL deliver a Group Greet even if there is NO content UNLESS you, the customer, emails a note to us specifying NOT to deliver the “empty” Group Greet. Yeah, it doesn’t make sense to us but it’s an unfortunate step we’ve had to take.

So if and when you decide to purchase a Group Greet, we’ll continue to provide the digital platform with the onus on you and your group to provide the wishes. And you’ll be reminded of this with the big, ugly disclaimer that an off-putting customer is responsible for.

Even with all of this, we’ll continue to be nice, reasonable business people and look for the same with customers like us.

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