The pricing of Group Greets has been completely revamped and made more flexible to only buy what you need.

We’ve also introduced some exciting new Add-Ons:

  1. Media Zip File
    Many times the participants to a Group Greet have photos/videos that others have not seen.  This is a great way to download all the media in a Group Greet to keep or use elsewhere.  A link to the zip file is made available to all to download about a week after the Group Greet has been delivered.
  2. Video Keepsake
    Once a Group Greet is over the experience of it is gone, but with a video made of the experience you liked best you have something that you can play over and over for all time.  This is created about a week after delivery to insure any laggards have an opportunity to get their contribution in.
  3. GG Live
    Many Group Greets are created for a surprise or reveal at a party or special occasion.  GG Live is a new, automatic way to have an always playing Group Greet as backdrop for that event.  GG Live will constantly remix the content and present it in new and different ways for as long as you play it.  All you have to do is start it and walk away.  Usually works best if projected onto a large screen.
  4. Keep Online
    We’ve gotten the request for some Group Greets to live beyond their delivery date.  Sometimes forever.  Keep Online allows you to purchase how many months or more you would like this Group Greet to be available.

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