You spend time pawing through all the hundreds of cards looking for  “the one”.


You find it, sign it and send it.  That’s it.  Over and done.

Same with e-cards.  Isn’t there something more?

A Group Greet is a collaborative participation process.  The Group of you get to have fun building and playing the Group Greet long before it is time to deliver it to the recipient(s).   But a Group Greet doesn’t end there.

Yes, you can choose your playback of the Group Greet, but then you can keep the party going with contributions from the recipient(s) to all and even allow those laggards to join in after the fact.

Group Greets stay online and changeable for 7 days after delivery, but so many people are requesting that they just stay up we are considering offering a ‘keep it alive’ option or two.

With a Group Greet there is always more.  The more you share, the more others and you enjoy.

Is there more?  Yes.  A Group Greet.


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