Group Greets was created on the idea of automating all the work necessary to add, create and assemble content. All that folks need to do is supply the content and Group Greets does the rest.

But some folks really want control over every aspect of a Group Greet, particularly slideshow. In response to that request we have created a new Add-On: Custom Slideshow

A Custom Slideshow does not automate anything. Every piece of content must be manually added or created and the sequence determined. Should folks continue adding and creating to the Group Greet, it will be up to the ‘editor’ of the Custom Slideshow to incorporate this new content. Similarly, if folks delete content from the Group Greet, they will need delete it manually from the Custom Slideshow.

You do gain some additional capabilities with the Custom Slideshow:

  • Ability to add your own soundtrack
  • Ability to link content from the web. For instance, a YouTube video via the URL
  • Content deleted from the custom slideshow editor are only virtually deleted from this Custom Slideshow not the Group Greet.

Custom Slideshow is shared only with the ‘editor’, but playable by all. The name of the slideshow cannot be changed. It is named Custom Slideshow and appears in the playlist drop down list.

We hope that for those who really want things a certain way that Custom Slideshow will meet their needs.

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