Over the years Group Greets has been serving memorable, meaningful, multimedia we-cards, we’ve noticed an add-on buying trend; most Group Greets also purchase a video keepsake and/or media zip file.

To do that one would need add all three to the shopping cart. No More! Now you can make one purchase of a bundle and get all three at a discount.

Group Greets Bundle

Of course, if you wish to purchase other add-ons you still may and if you, for some reason, don’t want all that the bundle contains, you can still purchase all items separately.

Best of all worlds and we hope you enjoy the ease and discount of this new bundle.

Remember video keepsakes and the media zip file are usually created after the delivery date. We do this because content is often added after delivery. When they are ready, you’ll receive download links via email.

So bundle up and make your Group Greet the best it can possibly be.

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