Build Your Own Playlists (BYOP)

Group Greets has introduced a new Add-On: Build Your Own Playlists (BYOP).

Build Your Own Playlists (BYOP) grants access to get ‘under the hood’ and control various aspects of the platform.  A user of BYOP will be comfortable with scripting and thus is web technically inclined.  However, anyone can make the simple edits to the playlist following the annotation guidelines and video tutorial.

There are 3 Playlists Groups now within Group Greets:

  1. Default
    10 default playlists come with each Group Greet
  2. Add-Ons
    Two playlists Add-Ons are available, in addition to the defaults:
    1. Custom Slideshow
      This enables a slideshow where each object is selected and then placed in a specific order for playback
    2. BYOP (Build Your Own Playlist)
      This enables the creation of new playlists by allowing the control of each platform setting.

Some of the things that can be controlled with BYOP are:

  • Template
  • Soundtrack
  • Wallpaper
  • Text formatting
  • Media sequencing*
  • Media selection
  • Media size
  • Filters/effects
  • Entanglements

The AI of Group Greets does a great job of automatically assembling and creating mixes of your content, but if you really want more control, BYOP gives you another option.

Create as many playlists as you wish and give your recipient and participants many more ways to enjoy the content of their Group Greet.

*Sequencing is limited to general order such as: oldest to newest, newest to oldest, ascending/descending by name.

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