So What's The Occasion?

Whether celebrating a 25th birthday, a 50th Wedding Anniversary, or wishing a healthy recovery, choose to make any occasion even more special by creating a group greeting with Group Greets.
happy birthday, birthday wishes, birthday messages, birthday greeting
Can’t all be there together to partake in the birthday celebration? Make the birthday honoree’s day with this Birthday Group Greet. Share your favorite stories about the guest of honor or create an interactive Happy Birthday sing-along.


congratulations, congratulations ecard, congratulations wishes, congratulations greeting
A new job? A new baby? A promotion? A winning season? Or any life event that deserves a hearty congratulations? Round up everyone to create a very special Congratulations Group Greet toasting the recipient(s) and their special achievement or accomplishment. Tell ‘em how proud you all are in this most meaningful group greeting that can be treasured for years to come.


thank you, thank you card, thank you ecard, thank you greeting
Gratitude and appreciation go a long way and a group greeting saying “thank you” to someone(s) for something well deserved can be remembered and cherished forever. Take time out to acknowledge a special teacher, a hard-working colleague, a group of volunteers, a group of donors or patrons, or an unsung hero. Group Greets is a great way to share a heartfelt “thank you.”


get well, get well ecard, get well wishes, get well greeting
Know someone who’s been feeling under the weather, experiencing a longer hospital stay, or trying to recover from a serious illness or injury? Create and send the healing power of the group with this Get Well Group Greet to boost their spirits. Use this group greeting to share your warmest wishes and best thoughts for a speedy return to good health. A Group Greet of this kind might just be some of the best medicine.


Surround your mother with love even if you’re all miles apart. Gather everyone to wish her a very Happy Mother’s Day. In your wishes, have each family member share a life lesson taught by Mom or what is admired most about her. Make the moment really count and tell her something you’ve never shared with her before. Reinforce that she is loved for all of her wonderful ways.


graduation, graduation wishes, graduation messages, graduation ecards, graduation greeting
Whether a high school, college or even kindergarten graduation, celebrate the importance of this personal milestone with this Group Greet. Share your group’s sincere congratulations and pride in the graduate’s achievements and accomplishments. Make your group greeting inspirational and motivational for a keepsake the lucky graduate will cherish for years to come.


How often do you all give the big man in your lives – your father – a group hug? Gather your family together and have each member take the time to tell Dad what he really means to them even if emotions aren’t his thing. Tell him what you admire most about him or share your all-time favorite “Dad stories” in this family group greeting. Guaranteed to make him feel the love.


anniversary, anniversary greetings, anniversary ecards, anniversary ecards, anniversary greeting
Know a couple celebrating a major anniversary of being together or even a not-so-major one? Say “Happy Anniversary” with this group greeting. Share your heartfelt wishes with your group’s videos and photos. Relationships take some effort and so does a Group Greet but both are worth it!


merry christmas, holiday greetings, christmas ecards, holiday ecards, holiday greetings
Give the gift of a very festive Happy Holidays group greeting this season. Create, share and spread joy and cheer with this Group Greet. Whether from your family, your work group, your club or organization, or however you celebrate, gather your group’s wishes to make the season merry and bright for your recipient(s). Create a unique Christmas Carol sing-along and request all participants to carol away.


wedding, wedding ecards, wedding wishes
Toast and roast the happy couple by sharing and collecting your group’s best wishes, good fortunes and personal stories with this Wedding Group Greet. Take the wedding reception to a whole new level and cast this Group Greet to a TV or project onto a wall or screen.


e-cards, group greeting for any ocasion, general greeting
Don’t see the specific group greeting occasion you’re looking for here? Don’t fret. Choose this Group Greet for any occasion and share it with your group to add wishes and contributions.


Includes A Permanent Digital Keepsake

Have you been the lucky recipient or participated in a Group Greet and would like to commemorate it forever? You’re in luck. Your Group Greet includes a permanent digital keepsake that we send to you 24 hours after it’s delivered. And that’s a whopping savings versus hiring a multimedia editor.
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